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Equipment Rental:

Rental Conditions: Kitextreme-Turkey trainers will decide after level determination whether you can rent equipment by yourself.

Level determination is 30 min. If our instructors decide that you are not qualified, you will not be charged for equipment and you will be asked to pay 140 TL. If you are at a sufficient level, no payment is made for the level determination, but the test time is included in the rental period.

2018 Equipment Rental Prices

Level Determination (30 min) 140 TL-30 EUR
1 Hour 140 TL-30 EUR
Half Day (Up to 3 Hours) 250 TL-55 EUR
1 Day ( Beyond 3 Hours) 375 TL-80 EUR
2 Days 635 TL-135 EUR
3 Days 850 TL-180 EUR
4 Days 990 TL-210 EUR
5 Days 1.105TL-235 EUR
6 Days 1.175 TL-250 EUR
1 Week 1.250 TL-265 EUR
8 Days 1.385 TL-295 EUR
9 Days 1.480 TL-315 EUR
10 Days 1.670TL-355 EUR
11 Days 1.810 TL-385 EUR
12 Days 1.950 TL-415 EUR
13 Days 2.090 TL-445 EUR
2 Weeks 2.230 TL-475 EUR

* Renting only the kite is calculated as 60% of full package cost. Renting just the board is calculated as 50% of total cost.

Storage Rental and School Services:

Our storage fees include 1 board and 3 kites for 1 person. Our guests who are using the storage facility can benefit from free of charge assistance services to pre-and post-sport seating areas, wi-fi, dressing cabins, compressors to inflate their kites, and assistants to start and lower their kites.

Our guests who want to benefit from Kitextreme-Turkey facilities and services without any storage service can benefit from these services by paying half of the storage fee.

2018 Storage Rental Prices

1 Day 55 TL-12 EUR
1 Week 300 TL-65 EUR
10 Days 375 TL-80 EUR
2 Weeks 470 TL-100 EUR
1 Month 800 TL-170 EUR
1 Season 1.410 TL-300 EUR

Renting SUP Equipment and Yoga Classes

Azmak river is great for Stand Up Paddling (SUP). You can rent the equipment for SUP from our school. Write to us for prices.

We have summer Yoga classes. Contact us for the schedule and pricing.

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